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Friday, 18 June 2010

England... famous for football or tea???

As England so far are proving to be more than disappointing in tonights’ match against Algeria and making us all wonder just WHY they are paid so much, I thought it would be time to write a quick blog to tell you about Vintage Twee’s latest outing today!

Proving that Yorkshire isn’t just good for tea, Joanne visited the town of Haworth and the beautiful vintage clothing and accessory shop, Oh La La Vintage. Run by the lovely Pamela who Joanne met at the last vintage show back in May, the store is a never ending treasure chest of all manner of gorgeous gifts and treats. And now it houses a selection of Vintage Twee products! Pamela so kindly allowed us to have a display in her shop, complete with business cards and a range of our hand crafted décor. This is brilliant publicity for Vintage Twee and we’d like to extend a massive thanks to Pamela for the opportunity. Of course, it’s always good to return the favour so Joanne is busy providing a bundle of Vintage Music Sheet Rose Cones for the Vintage Fair this weekend in Haworth for the team to decorate the tables with. The fair is actually held in the Bronte School Rooms where Charlotte Bronte herself once taught! So if the allure of all things from the past tempt you in to a trip out this weekend, make sure you visit!

In other news, we are gradually increasing our Twitter followers!! Between Joanne and I, we regularly update Twitter with new products, what we’re up to and a whole host of trivia! So be sure to find us and sign up!

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