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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Something Old, Something New...

Most brides, especially those planning a vintage themed wedding, are on the lookout for that significant and precious item that will hold the prestigious title of being their 'something old' on the big day. Many brides choose a family heirloom to represent this age old tradition, such as a veil or accessory that once belonged to their great grandmother, or special piece of jewellery to tuck away in their purse. The 'something old' tradition is one that continues to be the most thought out of the 'somethings' as it represents the sentimental connection the bride has, and will continue to maintain, to her family.

Dealing with all things vintage, it is not unusual for Vintage Twee to be asked by brides to contribute to their 'something old' in the form of some kind of keepsake or décor for their big day. However, when asked to make a bridal bouquet, consisting entirely of the infamous vintage music sheet paper roses, the challenge was embraced with open arms and I set to work!
The bouquet contains over 30 vintage roses, a selection of which have been adorned with pearl centres and draped with a string of ivory pearls, which have been carefully intertwined between the delicate leaves. The stem of the bouquet is covered with a champagne coloured satin ribbon and has been adorned with a hand tied ribbon and lace bow which is embellished with a vintage jewel.

So a bride's 'something old' was actually 'something new' for Vintage Twee and will be available to purchase in the Boutique very soon! It is a perfect alternative to traditional flowers for those brides having a vintage or music themed wedding and, unlike real flowers, it wont perish and can be kept for many years to come as a momentous keepsake of your wedding day.

If you would like to enquire about our new Vintage Paper Rose Bouquet in the meantime, please do just email joanne@vintagetwee.com!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Nobody puts Twee in the Corner...

Ok, so after recent discussions about my forthcoming blog post with a certain someone (no names mentioned Nia Fiori..), I've been set the challenge of trying to relate today's random entry to Vintage Twee in some way, shape or form. And, true to form as most of my brides can vouch for, I rise to any challenge set me and embrace it with open arms! And in the absence of my Chief Blogger Emma who is currently sunning herself in Rome, I am alone in this task at hand...

So how (and why?!) do we get from celebrating the life of Patrick Swayze, which sadly ended two years ago on 14th September, to teapots, doilies and party picks? Read on and I shall reveal all...

I wanted to write a post dedicated to Mr Swayze, who has and always will be, my hero. I was mortified the day I woke up and found out he had gone, it was like a flashbulb memory moment when you know exactly when and where you were when you hear about something significant that happens in the world. Ok, so people die all the time – it's a fact of life and I didnt even know the man - but for some reason he remains in my heart, connected to happy memories of the first time I watched Dirty Dancing at the age of 9 years old (I know, bad parents!) as a pneumonic child who was missing the annual family Boxing Day party. I got a new desk for 'making things on' at Christmas that year (Vintage Twee Reference Number 1) and I specifically remember watching the infamous 'lift' scene at the end through the gaps in the shelving that my dad had only half assembled.

From that moment on, along with a trillion other young girls, my childhood games revolved around recreating a holiday camp, where I would be the girl that Johnny Castle picked out of the crowd to dance with in front of my disapproving parents and jealous older sister (sorry Em). And admittedly, it wasn't that long ago I dreamt of the same dance at the age of 27, wearing that gorgeous pink dress and silver heels, kicking gold fairy dust into the air as he spinned me around...

To be fair, I've only really ever seen two of his films, and the second is of course Ghost. Cue the tears from 20 minutes in and the weird recollection and recital of Sam Wheat's account number by heart. I even took my sister to see Ghost the Musical in the West End last month to celebrate her forthcoming 30th birthday (again, sorry Em).

Despite our reservations about Richard Fleechman's ability to portray the mighty Patrick, along with his 'blonde' version of Molly, we were pleasantly surprised and had an amazing night watching the show. Of course tears were flowing from the first line of Unchained Melody and I awoke the next day full of new romantic ideas for my range! (Vintage Twee Reference Number 2).

Patrick seemed like a loyal, honourable and loving husband who I think would be a role model to any modern man today. If I was asked the ultimate ideal dinner date question then he would, without doubt, be in the top three. I am lucky enough to have a signed print of him which is going to be framed and put up very soon on the walls of my new studio (Vintage Twee Reference Number 3) to remind me of the smiles he brought to me that Christmas I cried because I had to stay home and miss the family party and the chance to gorge myself on seconds of chocolate gateux and trifle.

So as strange as it may be for me dedicate my blog to a man I never knew, I thought it would be inspiring and insightful on this day to share with you the connection Patrick had with me - and my very first 'making desk' - that ultimately started off the romanticist world of Vintage Twee. Kind of. :)

(that's at least THREE references to Vintage Twee Fiori so mwah ha ha! I did it!)  

Friday, 2 September 2011

Wave the words of love....

Being lost for words is something one should never be at a wedding, especially if you’re the groom looking for some last minute inspiration for your heart rendering speech! And sometimes the simplest of words are the most effective - the ones that make us think, make us smile and most importantly, give us food for thought. Each night at my local tube station a member of staff posts a “quote of the day” at the entrance to the escalator and as I’m on my way home after a stressful, busy day at work, reading one line of inspiration will, without fail, make me laugh, muse or at the very least wonder where on earth they got that one from!
If you’re looking for a way to bring some love inspired citations to your wedding day or love themed event, look no further than the latest Vintage Twee product, Love Quote Flags. Designed to be used as centre piece decorations, buffet/candy table trimmings or alongside name place settings, these old fashioned styled flags have been printed with a different classic quote about love by some of the most inspirational people of days gone by. A neutral buttercream colour means the flags can be customised with your choice of bow to match your theme- currently available in red, dusky pink, light pink or ivory but let Joanne know your preferred colour and she’ll do her best to match!
With 8 flags costing just £5.50, they come carefully packaged in cellophane gift bags to keep them in pristine condition until your big day. Each flag measures approx 16cm long x 8cm (widest point of the flag) and look stunning individually or clustered together to make a nest of quotes and a real talking point for your guests. Perfect for any event where you want your guests to be entertained by literary genius’s and let their own imaginations run wild!

Make sure you don’t miss out on adding a special vintage touch to your main event by pitching your flags on every table! www.vintagetwee.com

Featured quotes shown above include:

'A woman knows the face of the man she loves like a sailor knows the open sea' Honore de Balzac

• 'Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold' - Zelda Fitzgerald
• 'True love stories never have endings' - Richard Bach

• 'Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile' - Franklin P Jones

• 'Brief is life but love is long' - Alfred Lord Tennyson

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Love My Dress (and hair... and make up...)

There aren’t many opportunities on a Wednesday night in Newcastle to don your best frock, sip on champagne and style your hair like Rita Hayworth but the extremely glamorous “Love My Dress Soiree” was THE vintage affair of the summer and demanded nothing but pure style and vintage tributes.
Joanne wearing a
dress from Vivien of Holloway
The UK Wedding Industry Networking Event was hosted by the lovely Annabel of the fantastic Love My Dress blog, a blog which has supported Vintage Twee since the early days by regularly featuring our products. It only seemed right that such an evening demanded the highest level of preening so Joanne and Nia, from Nia Fiori Designs booked themselves in for a morning of pampering by the extremely talented vintage hair and make up artist, Bethany Jane Davis. I was priviledged to receive regular updates of the transformations in to 1940’s beauties as they were taking place and resisted the urge to post pictures of the girls in heated rollers… but if anyone wants to see them I will be accepting bribes…!
Held on the banks of the River Tyne (yes, there was singing and several mentions of the words “Fog on the….”) , the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts was filled with glamorous flapper girls, vintage decor and props, chaise lounges, antique furniture and a fab display of cake pops, cupcakes and other sweet treats provided by the Boutique Baking Company http://www.boutiquebaking.co.uk/.  Joining Joanne and Nia was Katie from Perfect Days Vintage who rocked a 70’s inspired red dress, gold heels and a statement leopard print hat, all three of them posing in the retro digital photo booth for some memorable snaps and a reminder of how fabulous they looked!!  http://www.snaparazziphotobooths.co.uk/

Amongst all the champagne and canapés Joanne got to personally thank Annabel for her support of Vintage Twee – lots of brides mention they found us through her website so it was lovely to be able to show our gratitude. Also attending the event was the editor of Wedding Magazine, Catherine Westwood, another industry professional who recognised Vintage Twee’s potential in the early days and offered numerous features in the magazine – thank you Catherine!

The first 120 lucky people through the door managed to nab themselves a luxury goody bag filled with treats from contributors… including a pack of the infamous Vintage Twee party picks! It really was an evening to remember and showcased the best the wedding industry has to offer in a wide range of themes. According to the girls it was hard to snap out of the bubble they were in when the night drew to an end… so they “forced” themselves to go for a pizza on the way home just to bring them back down to earth!! I can only imagine the faces in the pizza parlour when their late night customers appeared to have just stepped off the set of Breakfast at Tiffanys!

Ok... I didn't need a bribe after all!!!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Pick a place, any place...

Planning every last detail of your special occasion is no doubt the part most party organizers love - what's on the menu, how will the theme transpire, who's sitting where? Now Vintage Twee may not be able to have any influence over how much red wine your mother consumes on the big day but these brand new place name settings will at least ensure she does it in the correct seat! Guaranteed to be the talk of the table, there are 2 new themes to choose from, each one being a simple way to add an authentic vintage feel to your seating arrangements.

The Victorian Style range depicts portrait images of young men and women from the 1800's with a design for every person in your party!  Each image has been aged, embellished with vintage lace and mounted on to gift tag style cards and is completed with natural coloured twine to allow them to be tied to wine glasses, napkin rings, cutlery or tea cup handles. Unique and interesting, they're sure to get everyone wanting to collect the whole set!

In contrast to the Victorian Style, the Vintage Rose collection show 4 different designs taken from vintage postcards and greetings cards. Using pastel coloured satin ribbons for the ties and delicate sparkling accents of gold glitter to highlight the images. Additions of the ivory pearls finish off the look whilst the font used for the name of each guest will be that of a typically authentic vintage typewriter.

Priced incredibly reasonably as follows, these name place settings are the perfect way to make sure the theme for your big day doesn't slip up when it comes to the detailing.

And don't forget, if you require a specific colour of ribbon or have an idea in mind of something you'd like, Vintage Twee would be happy to discuss any amendments and 
provide an estimated costing as soon as possible.  

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Perfect Day with Vintage Style...

If ever a match made in vintage heaven was to be had, it’s definitely the blossoming relationship between Vintage Twee and the latest company to hit the market, Perfect Days Vintage. Last week, Joanne met the very creative and stylish Katie Mitchell from Perfect Days Vintage for a glass of wine and a chat about how together, they can offer any bride or event organiser the ultimate vintage service.
Perfect Days Vintage is the brainchild of Katie who has followed her passion for all things vintage and beautiful and turned it in to a successful business hiring out a range of props dating as far back as you want them to! As a young girl her fascination with antique fairs, eclectic and unusual items led Katie to invest in real treasures which today include a classic1960’s record player, a fantastic 18th century walnut dining table, original china tea sets and an incredible vintage typewriter. Perfect Days Vintage now has the props to be able to transform any event  with authentic vintage themed style… and if you need further proof, ask Katie to tell you about her own wedding of which you can easily say the theme was decided quite early on! They cater for weddings, christenings, corporate events, photo shoots and much more, clearly showing the quality and validity of their items. Of course, if your longed for item isn’t currently in the Perfect Days Vintage collection, they will do all they can to source your heart’s desire for you, making them not only style guru’s but complete and utter time savers too! And just in case you thought their services ended there, think again. Perfect Days Vintage can also help organise elements or the whole of your event for you, taking complete control of the reins from start to vintage finish, a skill Katie found she had whilst organise her own wedding.
 So, you take a company that organises events and rents out vintage props, mix  it with a company that recreates vintage table décor and a foolproof formula is born! Hoping to be able to work together in the future, Joanne and Katie have been taking the time to show how the items can work seamlessly together, giving the look, feel and individuality of a really customized event. For example, the pictures here show Vintage Twee’s ever popular Eat Me Party Picks being used alongside Perfect Days Vintage fabulous decorative cake stands. Music lovers will grab the opportunity to showcase a vintage gramophone and can be seen here teamed with Vintage Twee’s music sheet favours. Or, the favourite idea the girls have come up with so far see’s the magnificent vintage typewriter placed conveniently next to the beautiful Vintage Twee guestbook. With paper at the side, all the guests have to do is write their message and pop it in the book, their words becoming the beginning of a story. 
For a truly professional and memorable service, Vintage Twee cannot recommend Katie and the impressive Perfect Days Vintage highly enough. Be sure to check out their website for further information or contact Katie on info@perfectdaysvintage.co.uk and turn your vintage dream in to a 21st century reality!!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Biker, The Stationer, The Jeweller and the Twee...

Claire's method of transport- the Vespa!

Celebrating our own fabulousness is often an overlooked pastime due to busy work schedules, family life and just trying to deal with everything life throws at us! So when the idea floated about for a light hearted afternoon of tea, cakes and conversation, four busy ladies jumped at the chance to close the laptops, put down the glue guns and indulge!
Getting together to whip out the vintage china was Joanne of Vintage Twee, Claire from the lovely English Wedding Blog, Anita Mistry of the fantastic It’s a Mistry Design Studio and of course the hostess herself,Nia of Nia Fiori Designs. The location was perfect. Nia’s home is in the beautiful town of Hayfield, Derbyshire which, with its rows of stone
cottages, rolling hillside and according to legend, in 1760 even had its own witch, proved to be the perfect place to pour the traditional British brew and set the world to rights with a slice or three of cake. Joanne brought along some Vintage China plates which she has gathered from antique fairs, shops and markets whilst Nia provided the gorgeous tea pot and cake stands. Showing that the modern woman really can do everything, Nia spent the morning baking and turned out an incredible rum fuelled carrot cake with lemon and orange icing not to mention delectable scones with clotted cream and jam! The ladies chatted about how each of them followed their dreams to become self employed despite nerves, trepidation and downright fear! Hearing Joanne talk about it this evening co-incided with a conversation I had with my own boss today who came across a book her grandmother owned in the 1920’s and was madly inspired by its words. The book was entitled “Willpower” which, as you can imagine was probably very unusual and quite possibly frowned upon for a young woman of that era to be reading. The phrase which stuck in her mind from the book and which she repeated to us all before a day of sales today was, “I can, I will, I dare, I do”, So for all the budding entrepeneurs out there, remember that line and it will take you as far as you will allow yourself to go! It took her grandmother to the ripe old age of 96….

Don’t forget to check out the websites of todays lovely ladies for bridal inspiration, advice and calligraphy from Claire, beautiful, unique jewellery from Anita and a range of stunning stationary from Nia. Of course, Vintage Twee will be uncovering some summer delights very soon so keep an eye on the website as you read it here first!

Nia "road testing" her own baking..

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

If music be the fruit of love...

 You can’t get more romantic than the charming theme of music and wine for your wedding.. . just take a leaf of out of April and Edwards lyrical book whose wedding took place on Saturday 04th June in an exceptionally tuneful style. Vintage Twee was honoured to be chosen to make the table plan, table names and place settings for this stunning wedding and relished at the opportunity to have free reign to design something the guests and happy couple  would remember long after the champagne stopped flowing.
April’s criteria to Joanne was that the décor must be fitting to the music and wine theme her and Edward had opted for, representing their musical background. Joanne quickly formed an idea of how she could use vintage inspired  idea’s to encompass all aspects of romance, history and of course, the lovely grape. Starting with the table plan,  a black and cream colour scheme was used to tie in with the vintage music sheets, circa 1930’s. Each table was named after a favourite wine and shown in a scripted font complete with delicate pearl heart to soften the image. Continuing the colour theme and style through to the table names, vintage lace edged the placards and a pretty bunch of grapes were added in the corners. Being the unique bride that she was, April was spray painting bunches of the tasty fruit in purple glitter to place on the tables so Joanne added small purple diamantes on to the printed grapes to accentuate and really set them off!
Choosing Vintage Twee’s rose music place settings for the female guests and the very imaginative idea of having corks as a place setting for the gents (bride’s own idea!!), really completed the look for the room and ensured the wedding was as swinging as the theme! As a thank you to her beautiful flower girl niece, April asked Joanne to create a card she could keep as a memento of the day- as you can see it turned out to be another feather in the Vintage Twee cap and we think it looks absolutely great!
Joanne was touched to receive a text off April the morning of the wedding to thank her for the items- as any bride knows there usually isn’t a spare minute in between being hoisted in to your dress and trying not to ladder your stockings!! As a wedding gift to the couple Joanne included the book from which the vintage music sheets were used which came complete with an inscription from 1937 and is truly something to treasure.
Don’t forget Vintage Twee are happy to custom make your orders to complement your theme.. don’t be afraid to share your ideas as Joanne will be able to offer advice and a specialist vintage eye to help you create your vintage dream.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Fanciful favours for summer

Cute polka dot's add the fun element!
With wedding season fast approaching, Vintage Twee have 2 new additions to the popular favour box range to tempt brides and party planners alike! Starting off with the fabulous Polka Dot favour boxes which couldn’t be more perfect for 1950’s glam appeal at your special event. The stunning box design has a lift off lid which is perfect to pop a delicious treat inside. Standing out in cornflower blue with white polka dots, there are 3 designs to choose from to complete the look on the top of the box. Choose from a mini heart of pearls, a beautiful vintage lace bow or a cute tea rose and ribbon- even better, why not have a selection of all three?! All you need now are retro sweets or mini cakes to complete your polka perfect favour!

Perfect for summer favours
The second new addition is a beautiful butterfly themed favour holder, different in shape from the standard box and thoroughly gorgeous! Keeping up with the current trend for all things winged, they are ivory in colour with touches of vintage pink and sky blue. Each box has been embellished with a hand pressed butterfly shape and finished with co-ordinating ribbon, an ivory pearl and a hint of vintage inspired floral paper. These unusual favour boxes would look great at any English Garden themed party, summer wedding or even a baby shower!!

Priced at a mere £1.75 each for the Polka Dot and £2.00 each for the Butterfly, don’t miss out and secure your orders today!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Royal wedding with all the trimmings!

My husband Lee and I with our Union Jack chopping board!
It’s been almost a week since we all proudly hung our Union Jack bunting from the rooftops and toasted the Royal newlyweds as they started their journey in to married life. In lieu of any street parties in our area, Vintage Twee and family decided to host a little themed bash all of our own!
The day began in full swing at the hands of Mother Twee who decorated the front room with kitsch paper chains and newspaper photo’s of Wills and Kate. My husband and I, escaping London and it’s thousands of tourists, were pleasantly surprised to see that we could still be in the thick of it whilst safely 200 miles away from the bustling capital! Joined by the lovely Nia from Gallery6Studios, Joanne, Mum, my husband Lee and I, sat down to watch the most anticipated ceremony of this century.  I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous when I saw Kate step out of the car in her beautiful vintage inspired gown looking every inch the lacy princess. In fact, feeling like I had the rare opportunity to show my solidarity for other brides, I revived my own 7 month old veil and proudly perched it on my head for the entire ceremony! I was stopped short by my fellow revellers of wearing my actual wedding dress….
As anyone worth their salt knows, a natural part of any celebration is definitely the food served after. And Mother Twee didn’t let us down with  a Royal Buffett to be proud of! Complete with all the British favourites including HP sauce, cheese and pineapple cubes, home-made cupcakes (thank you Nia!) plus jelly and ice cream, the 5 of us really did indulge in the process of carrying your food around on a Union Jack paper plate. Joanne of course was on hand to provide the table decoration, whipping up some patriotic party picks which  no one wanted to throw away afterwards! Working carefully around all the Vintage Twee orders ready to be shipped out the following day, we enjoyed every mouthful of our British banquet and more than one or two top buttons were guiltily undone!
Take a look at our pictures which make me want to do it all over again! Prince Harry will be receiving a strictly worded letter urging him to pop the question very soon …

Vintage Twee themed party picks ruled the buffett!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Car Booty = Vintage Beauty

Never has the saying “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure” been more appropriate than this weekend! Joanne decided to check out the local car boot sales of the North West to see if she could find anything more than redundant audio cassettes and broken kids toys- and she did well! Aided by Daddy Twee who is renowned for spotting a bargain, the two set off on a mission to find hidden treasures in need of a little tender loving care.

First to be snapped up was a stunning Brass Letter Rack  for the unbelievable price of £1.00. Ornate and decorative, after a bit of elbow grease and patience it now looks as if it’s been standing proudly on the mantelpiece of a stately home instead of spending the last 20 years lying in somebodies cellar! Perfect for displaying Vintage Twee Bridesmaid postcards, it will be making an appearance at a craft fair very soon…
Following the bargain trail, Joanne picked up a beautiful Vintage Sadler China Sugar Bowl which quite conveniently was a vintage dusky pink colour with gold gilded edges- perfect Vintage Twee colours! Dated 1922 on the underside, it will be a welcome addition to the props Joanne has collected for the Vintage Twee photoshoots. And priced at 10p… who could resist?!
Also to be used for photoshoots was an amazing early 20th cenutry vintage butterdish which we’re sure you’ll agree is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately it had one corner missing which usually would put most people off… but not Joanne! She added this delightful dish to her growing collection for a mere £1.00 and will be sure to photograph it from an angle which definitely shows off its best side!

Plenty of vintage pieces of jewellery were discovered which will become features on Vintage Twee Table Plans and Wedding Guestbooks, as well as a whole host of vintage music sheets dating back to 1919. These will be transformed in to the trademark Vintage Twee Paper Rose Place Settings and romantic Rose Cones , ensuring these long lost music sheets get to live again. Accompanied by the purchase of a selection of lace doilies at a rock-bottom price of 50p each, it proved to an extremely successful shopping trip for under £10!

The only item of the day that so far has yet to be fully restored to its original glory is a cream, lace and pearl 1920’s handbag that sadly, is proving to be a challenge. It’s deeply stained with rust and tea (understandable after being over 90 years old) but for an absolute snip at 50p Joanne found herself drawn to it for more than just the price tag. If anyone has any ideas on how this could be re-invented please get in touch!

Help us restore this antique gem!
Be sure to check out the Vintage Twee website to see all the fabulous products that will be created using both inspiration and materials from purchases this weekend. And as Joanne is hoping to hit another barrage of car boot sales over the next few bank holidays there may well be more treasures still uncovered that will shortly be making their very own Vintage Twee debut ..

Monday, 18 April 2011

Cupcakes and lovely-Ness!!

When you think of the Wirral, it probably doesn’t automatically conjure up images of idyllic flowered gardens, beautiful landscaping and lush lily ponds. However the award winning Botanical Ness Gardens defies anyone to not fall in love with this romantic and awe inspiring venue, proving that the perfect place to hold your wedding lies just around the corner..

Vintage Twee was recently invited to exhibit our items at the latest wedding fair alongside Roses Tea Rooms, a company whose original and top class wedding and tea party catering has earned them new premises on site at the lovely Ness Gardens. Starting the day with breath-taking views over the River Dee to the Welsh Mountains, Joanne got stuck in helping decorate the gorgeous Roses Tea Rooms cupcakes with Vintage Twee’s infamous Party Picks, ready to showcase to the public. From all accounts it was hard to resist the frosted treats with lemon, chocolate fudge and the more unusual but delicious beetroot and ginger varieties! All handmade by their extremely talented chef Raf, there was even homemade marshmallows and honeycomb…diet? What diet? Roses use all locally sourced ingredients and everything is made on site, fresh on the day of your wedding/event. Take a look at their mouth-watering website and you won’t fail to be impressed with the range of treats available.

Vintage Twee has been working with the lovely Roses Tea Rooms right from the very beginning, when they gave a “new starter” in the business (us!) the opportunity to be displayed at the events they catered for. An amazing working relationship has now bloomed and it was great to get the chance to work in person alongside Amy and Christina who were representing Roses at the fair. Good laughs were had by all and after consuming way too much sugar for a Sunday afternoon, Joanne and the girls crammed in to a photo booth on the stand next door for the obligatory photo! Provided by Cetra Studios, the booth can be hired out to capture your party guests in true photo-finish style with memories to keep for all!

Vintage Twee would just like to thank all the people involved including Jen, the wedding co-ordinator at Ness Gardens, as well as Amy and Christina from Roses Tea Rooms for making Joanne feel so welcome! A great day out mixed with delicious food, interesting people and gorgeous surroundings- hoping to book our space for next time already!!

Joanne, Amy Christina and Jen striking a pose!!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Shiver me timbers landlubbers, there be treasure ahead!

Talk about forbidden treasures!
Sat nestled amongst 2000 deliciously tempting chocolate coins sounds like any woman’s idea of absolute heaven and Joanne is no exception! This week she found herself knee deep in the chocolately treats as she produced a whopping 235 mini Treasure Chests for a very special kind of party. Altogether now… “Oooh- Arrrr….”

Contacted by Jo Bircumshaw back in August 2010, Joanne was asked if Vintage Twee would do the honour of making the unique party favours for the “Pirates and Pearls” MS Society Ball, presented by the lovely Calum Best to be held on Saturday, March 26th at Mere Golf and Country Club, Knutsford, Cheshire. The purpose of this fantastic event is to raise money for the MS Society, helping the sufferers and carers of this debilitating condition with much needed funds for respite. Jo, the organiser of the Piratey themed party spotted the eye catching Vintage Twee Treasure Chest favours in an edition of Cheshire Life and swiftly ordered 140 of the cute boxes. As the popularity for the event increased, the boxes multiplied and soon there were enough gold coins, pearls, skulls and crossbones piling up that Joanne could have filmed Pirates of the Caribbean 5 in her studio!

Each guest of the event will enjoy swashbuckling banter with the party’s very own Captain Jack Sparrow before being seated at the Captains Table for a delicious meal and goodies. Treated to fire entertainers before dancing the night away to live music from local band Beaver, at the end of the evening the guests get to keep their own Treasure Chest as a fitting memoir of the bash.

As you can imagine this has been an absolutely amazing opportunity for Joanne and Vintage Twee to take a step in to the world of mass production (still, all created by one pair of hands! Oh, and a little help from Mum and Dad who faithfully filled up the treasure chests with coins until they started thinking they were actually about to board the Black Pearl themselves!). We’d like to wish Calum, Jo and the team the very best of luck for Saturday night and hope they raise lots of pieces of eight for this well deserving charity. And not forgetting a hearty thank you for choosing Vintage Twee to provide the Treasure Chests and we sincerely hope the guests feel like they’re taking a little piece of buccaneering booty home with them!

Long John Silver would be proud!