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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Royal wedding with all the trimmings!

My husband Lee and I with our Union Jack chopping board!
It’s been almost a week since we all proudly hung our Union Jack bunting from the rooftops and toasted the Royal newlyweds as they started their journey in to married life. In lieu of any street parties in our area, Vintage Twee and family decided to host a little themed bash all of our own!
The day began in full swing at the hands of Mother Twee who decorated the front room with kitsch paper chains and newspaper photo’s of Wills and Kate. My husband and I, escaping London and it’s thousands of tourists, were pleasantly surprised to see that we could still be in the thick of it whilst safely 200 miles away from the bustling capital! Joined by the lovely Nia from Gallery6Studios, Joanne, Mum, my husband Lee and I, sat down to watch the most anticipated ceremony of this century.  I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous when I saw Kate step out of the car in her beautiful vintage inspired gown looking every inch the lacy princess. In fact, feeling like I had the rare opportunity to show my solidarity for other brides, I revived my own 7 month old veil and proudly perched it on my head for the entire ceremony! I was stopped short by my fellow revellers of wearing my actual wedding dress….
As anyone worth their salt knows, a natural part of any celebration is definitely the food served after. And Mother Twee didn’t let us down with  a Royal Buffett to be proud of! Complete with all the British favourites including HP sauce, cheese and pineapple cubes, home-made cupcakes (thank you Nia!) plus jelly and ice cream, the 5 of us really did indulge in the process of carrying your food around on a Union Jack paper plate. Joanne of course was on hand to provide the table decoration, whipping up some patriotic party picks which  no one wanted to throw away afterwards! Working carefully around all the Vintage Twee orders ready to be shipped out the following day, we enjoyed every mouthful of our British banquet and more than one or two top buttons were guiltily undone!
Take a look at our pictures which make me want to do it all over again! Prince Harry will be receiving a strictly worded letter urging him to pop the question very soon …

Vintage Twee themed party picks ruled the buffett!

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