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Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Biker, The Stationer, The Jeweller and the Twee...

Claire's method of transport- the Vespa!

Celebrating our own fabulousness is often an overlooked pastime due to busy work schedules, family life and just trying to deal with everything life throws at us! So when the idea floated about for a light hearted afternoon of tea, cakes and conversation, four busy ladies jumped at the chance to close the laptops, put down the glue guns and indulge!
Getting together to whip out the vintage china was Joanne of Vintage Twee, Claire from the lovely English Wedding Blog, Anita Mistry of the fantastic It’s a Mistry Design Studio and of course the hostess herself,Nia of Nia Fiori Designs. The location was perfect. Nia’s home is in the beautiful town of Hayfield, Derbyshire which, with its rows of stone
cottages, rolling hillside and according to legend, in 1760 even had its own witch, proved to be the perfect place to pour the traditional British brew and set the world to rights with a slice or three of cake. Joanne brought along some Vintage China plates which she has gathered from antique fairs, shops and markets whilst Nia provided the gorgeous tea pot and cake stands. Showing that the modern woman really can do everything, Nia spent the morning baking and turned out an incredible rum fuelled carrot cake with lemon and orange icing not to mention delectable scones with clotted cream and jam! The ladies chatted about how each of them followed their dreams to become self employed despite nerves, trepidation and downright fear! Hearing Joanne talk about it this evening co-incided with a conversation I had with my own boss today who came across a book her grandmother owned in the 1920’s and was madly inspired by its words. The book was entitled “Willpower” which, as you can imagine was probably very unusual and quite possibly frowned upon for a young woman of that era to be reading. The phrase which stuck in her mind from the book and which she repeated to us all before a day of sales today was, “I can, I will, I dare, I do”, So for all the budding entrepeneurs out there, remember that line and it will take you as far as you will allow yourself to go! It took her grandmother to the ripe old age of 96….

Don’t forget to check out the websites of todays lovely ladies for bridal inspiration, advice and calligraphy from Claire, beautiful, unique jewellery from Anita and a range of stunning stationary from Nia. Of course, Vintage Twee will be uncovering some summer delights very soon so keep an eye on the website as you read it here first!

Nia "road testing" her own baking..


  1. Lovely written!!
    I'm glad i've just changed my hair colour, hopefully i'll be unrecognizable as the messy eating cake monster the photo's make me out to be... honest!! It was a lovely afternoon, and you 3 were the most perfect guests :D x

  2. I love this post!

    Beautifully written, and didn't we have some great chats - putting the world to rights and giggles too. You didn't mention the rum and...

    Doesn't Nia look fabulous. Move over Nigella, we have a new domestic goddess now. Love you for sharing the pics too... may I pop one on the english wedding facebook page?

    Awww I'm smiling all over again. Had such a lovely afternoon yesterday.

    Claire xxx

  3. Rum and....CHIPS! Hee hee, think we left that out (accidently on purpose...)

    Emma did a fab job writing this one, you'd think she was actually there!

    Yes do put a pic on English Wedding Facebook :)
    Thank you all for your company too, it was a lovely afternoon!


  4. I have tried that rum fuelled cake (well not that particular one obviously) and Nia is an amazing baker!

    Looks like you had a fabulous morning ladies :)

    And those words are very inspiring x