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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

And the award for best actress goes to...

This week was the much anticipated, celebrity event of the year, awarding the silver screen’s finest with that recognisable golden statue. If you were one of the millions that tuned in to the Oscars, you may have failed to notice glamorous young Joanne in her pearl earrings strutting confidently down the red carpet and wondered to yourself just how she managed to keep her “English rose” skin tone over in sunny LA.

"I'd just like to thank...."
Ok, so maybe Vintage Twee didn’t quite make it to the star studded Oscars but this week was quite possibly the beginnings of a new relationship with a camera of the motion kind. Joanne had previously agreed (in one of those moments where you agree to something without really thinking it through, e.g., signing up for a 5km run when you can barely trot round the block) to filming two adverts for Warrington Market to be shown on prime time TV and soon found herself panic buying the Spanx and hoping she didn’t fluff her lines!

Working together with Steve Pickering, the marketing manager for the fantastic Warrington Indoor Market, Joanne is the star of the latest advertising campaign which will be shown every evening the week before each of the markets, right before the North West settle down with their cuppa’s to watch Emmerdale. The first advert will see Joanne, in full party mode, introducing the Fair Trade Market to be held in Warrington on Saturday 12th March whilst the second will prove that Vintage glam really is the look of 2011 as she demurely promotes the Vintage Market on Saturday 30th April. Kitted out in a stunning floral dress and looking every inch the vintage beauty, Joanne enjoyed every second of the filming (despite wondering if the camera really does add 10 pounds) and is an interesting mix of excited, nervous and downright terrified to see the finished version be screened next week!

Make sure you don’t miss a) the advert and b) the unique, fabulous fairs, on from 10am-4pm, so pencil them in your diaries now! Joanne tells me she’s sharpening her quill ready for the barrage of autograph requests sure to come pouring in as she is aiming to flutter her TV lashes at the Vintage Market in April! Come down, say hello and purchase something from the brilliant Vintage Twee range (Joanne has assured me she’ll stay grounded despite the fame….)

The link to the adverts will follow for all Vintage Twee fans not living in the North West and it will be put on the Vintage Twee Facebook page once it's available.

Joanne would like to add thank you to Steve and colleague Paul for the wonderful opportunity to be part of the best indoor market in the UK and is looking forward to the offers flooding in from Tinsel Town!


  1. That is too funny Joanne!! Well done! cannot WAIT to see it!! xxx

  2. If you think this is funny, just you wait til the advert lady!! Hee hee! I could make a guest appearance at the gallery... :) x

  3. Can't wait to see the ads - will be watching out for them! I'm sure you'll be amazing.

    I think I may have to do a post on my blog about this too - and certainly in the run-up to the Craft and Vintage Fair inn April.

  4. Hi Wendy! Oh yes - you are one of us so-called lucky Northerners..with Granada tv & my face being beemed right into your living room! :) x