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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Shiver me timbers landlubbers, there be treasure ahead!

Talk about forbidden treasures!
Sat nestled amongst 2000 deliciously tempting chocolate coins sounds like any woman’s idea of absolute heaven and Joanne is no exception! This week she found herself knee deep in the chocolately treats as she produced a whopping 235 mini Treasure Chests for a very special kind of party. Altogether now… “Oooh- Arrrr….”

Contacted by Jo Bircumshaw back in August 2010, Joanne was asked if Vintage Twee would do the honour of making the unique party favours for the “Pirates and Pearls” MS Society Ball, presented by the lovely Calum Best to be held on Saturday, March 26th at Mere Golf and Country Club, Knutsford, Cheshire. The purpose of this fantastic event is to raise money for the MS Society, helping the sufferers and carers of this debilitating condition with much needed funds for respite. Jo, the organiser of the Piratey themed party spotted the eye catching Vintage Twee Treasure Chest favours in an edition of Cheshire Life and swiftly ordered 140 of the cute boxes. As the popularity for the event increased, the boxes multiplied and soon there were enough gold coins, pearls, skulls and crossbones piling up that Joanne could have filmed Pirates of the Caribbean 5 in her studio!

Each guest of the event will enjoy swashbuckling banter with the party’s very own Captain Jack Sparrow before being seated at the Captains Table for a delicious meal and goodies. Treated to fire entertainers before dancing the night away to live music from local band Beaver, at the end of the evening the guests get to keep their own Treasure Chest as a fitting memoir of the bash.

As you can imagine this has been an absolutely amazing opportunity for Joanne and Vintage Twee to take a step in to the world of mass production (still, all created by one pair of hands! Oh, and a little help from Mum and Dad who faithfully filled up the treasure chests with coins until they started thinking they were actually about to board the Black Pearl themselves!). We’d like to wish Calum, Jo and the team the very best of luck for Saturday night and hope they raise lots of pieces of eight for this well deserving charity. And not forgetting a hearty thank you for choosing Vintage Twee to provide the Treasure Chests and we sincerely hope the guests feel like they’re taking a little piece of buccaneering booty home with them!

Long John Silver would be proud!


  1. What an amazing opportunity for you .. I think it is fantastic.. Well done to you and all that helped you ♥

  2. Thank you Anne, it was a true pleasure and I hope the event goes well tomorrow night! I'm about to drop off the chests as I type!x