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Saturday, 21 January 2012

See(d) you at our wedding...

We all know that favours are often one of the most debated items when it comes to putting together the wedding plans... what on earth do you give people that reflects you two, is something to keep, is suitable for men, women and the little ones.. AND doesn't mean you have to scrimp on your dress budget to pay for it?

Well, the answer may in fact just lie in the earth in question. How about delivering something that symbolises new beginnings, is eternally beautiful with timeless elegance, and will ensure a yearly reminder of your big day for years to come? Sounds virtually impossible and expensive you might be thinking... but have you thought of the concept of giving seeds.... of course!  

Vintage Twee has designed the wonderful new range, "Seeds of Love". Stunning neutral coloured favour bags made from environmentally friendly recycled cardstock with a handful of your favourite flower or herb seeds nestled inside are the ideal gift for wedding guests. Eco-friendly and supporting the growth of natures finest, the idea of giving seeds stems from era's gone by when in fact the guests would give the happy couple seeds from their very own crops. Now we're not suggesting you present your nearest and dearest with a fist full of sprout seeds but something maybe more... how can we say it, wedding appropriate like roses, lavender or even sunflowers. Meaning they can go away and take a little piece of your day that they can grow as a permanent reminder is both romantic and unique. With their twine and sage green detailing they look earthy and homely, like something you'd find on a vintage kitchen windowsill!

To complement the bags are the fantastic Seeds of Love Place Settings with their brown inked edges for that rustic feel. The brilliant double tag allows the guests name to be written on one, with a beautiful quote on love and marriage on the second. Embellished with an vintage ink print of a little bird, these tags can be tied on to your table cutlery or glasses and will be guaranteed to be an instant talking point. For those money-savvy brides amongst you, you'll spot that the second tag could also be used for printing the menu choices, thus saving you the cost (and space!) of menu's on the table! Meaning more room for lots of lovely vintage decor, of course..  

The bags start at just £2.50 per bag whilst the place settings are a fantastically priced £1.25 each. All items are showing on the Vintage Twee website, www.vintagetwee.com and can be customised to suit your needs.. Just drop Joanne a line with your ideas and she'd be happy to help you, giving expertise and guidance on how best to make your wedding day decor exactly as you want it.


  1. So beautiful! Makes me want to get married again!

  2. Thank you for your comments and lovely compliments! :) Glad you like them, I do love a bit of feedback so very much appreciated!x