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Thursday, 2 February 2012

A tribute blog to 2 special ladies...

They say that you're lucky if you can recall your earliest memory.. and even if you think you have, how do you know for sure it's your first? Here at Vintage Twee, the one thing owner Joanne and I both remember as clear as day are the trips we used to make to our Great Aunt Ediths house in Yorkshire every month. The inspiration behind the creation of Vintage Twee which is now a firm favourite on the bridal circuit, our wonderful Great Aunt was born on this very day in 1919, making her an amazing 93 years old today. We used to be fascinated by her antique tea trolley, two little girls daintily arranging the vintage china cups and plates, sneakily stealing some of the delicious buttercream from her homemade butterfly cakes, getting ready to serve to anyone who'd let us! Those magical Sundays went by in a blur of good old fashioned hostessing and weren't complete without the delicate sugar bowl, quaint milk jug and lots and lots of floral patterns!
We're lucky to have some inspirational women in our family and Great Aunt Edith is definitely one of them. Persuing her passion to be a nurse, she sacrificed her maternal instincts and focused on helping those who needed it. In the 1940's she'd progressed to becoming a matron and successfully ran wards for 40 fantastic years. She was strict mind you and took no nonense off wayward young nurses hoping for an easy life! In fact, one of her favourite stories to tell is how when she was in charge of the Burns Unit, a little 5 year old boy told her in secret that whenever she was away from the ward, the nurses would help themselves to her best rose design teacups and enjoy lengthy tea breaks! Sure she didn't let them get away with that too lightly... 

Great Auntie Edith- doesn't look 93!
In between being an inspiring matron, the eldest girl of 4 sisters AND a wonderful tea party host, she loved to bake, garden and spend time with her family.  Today, she still lives in Yorkshire but unfortunately suffers from dementia and her previously accurate memory now is somewhat jaded. Randomly she recalls things from 50 years ago as clear as day, living in her own world and believing that all her deceased sisters are still alive. It will be a sad day when we lose this family treasure but until then, we wish her a very happy birthday and a huge thank you for some wonderful childhood memories that led to one little girl finding a passion and turning it in to a successful and enjoyable busines . 

A final note in honour of another charismatic and driven woman in our family, our dearly loved and much missed Grandma, Phyllis. Friday 3rd Feb would have been her 78th birthday and knowing her she wouldn't have stopped for a minute to sit down and rest! She sadly passed away 3 years ago but will always be remembered as a woman who showed us what you can acheive with a lot of hard work, a desire to succeed and a cheeky smile. A business owner until she was too ill to do so, she was a trooper who did what she loved and loved what she did. Rest in Peace, Grandma and happy birthday xxxx

Still popular after 93 years!


  1. What fantastic women :) Thankyou for sharing that with us Miss Twee.

  2. Ah you're welcome, thank you for reading it! Yes, a true inspiration and the epitome of hard work - to be a business woman is in my genes! :) x